Classical/Spanish Guitarist for Hire

The Classical/Spanish Guitar is probably one of the most popular and successful instrument in Nineteenth Century. The predominant Characteristics of this Instrument are the Shape/Technique and Repertoire.

The Shape/Technique

The Classical Guitar shape resembling early Romantic Guitars. The Sound, quite unique in Tone and Dynamic, is Worm, Mellow and Powerful. The Plucking Technique (Classical Guitarist use long nails to gain Control and Accuracy) is what makes this Instrument Unique.

The Repertoire

The Classical/Spanish Guitar Repertoire is based on Compositions from the 1780 with Composer like Ferdinando Carulli and Fernando Sor to Contemporary Guitarist as Francisco Tarrega and Andeas Segovia. Other amazing composer like Panini and Beethoven also wrote quite significant compositions for this Wonderful Instrument.

Classical Spanish Guitarist for Hire in London and Uk. Classical Guitar for Weddings, Private Events, Functions, Hotel

Classical/Spanish Guitar for Events

The Classical Spanish Guitar is perfectly suitable for your Private Event as Weddings, Functions, Private Party, Hotels and Dinner Event. The Repertoire recommended for such occasions will vary depending on the type of Vibe and People. I Usually integrated the Classical/Spanish Repertoire with Moder/Pop Repertoire so that the Guests don’t feel caught up in a Classical Guitar Concert.

Most Famous Classical Guitar Pieces

This is a list of the most Popular Songs that I usually play for the Classical/Spanish Guitar repertoire. There are many other pieces available but this are the one that Everybody know. You might don’t know the Title but I am sure that after few seconds you will recognize the song.

  • Malaguena – Francisco Tarrega – Click to Listen
  • El Noi De La Mare – Miguel Llobet
  • Allemande from Lute Suite 996BWV – Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Spanish Romance – Anonymous
  • Asturias – Isaac Albeniz
  • Capricho Arabo – Francisco Tarrega
  • Lagrima – Tarrega – Francisco Tarrega
  • Preludio from Suite 995BWV – Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Recuerdos de la Alhambra – Francisco Tarrega
  • Preludes 1-5 – Villa Lobos

The Classical Guitar is a Beautiful Instrument that will add a Special Touch to your Event.