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Spanish Romance Classical Guitar Player in London

Spanish Romance is one of the most Classical/Spanish Piece for Classical Guitar. Written by an anonymous composer, this piece has became a “must play” song. The Piece starts with an amazing and sorrow melody in E minor. The arpeggio on the open string gives support to the main line. The second part will resolve in a E major key with much more Bright and Mellow Melody.

Check out Marco Cirillo Playing Spanish Romance !!!

This piece is part of the Spanish/Classical Repertoire Performed by Marco Cirillo during his Concert, Private events, Christmas Party and Wedding. If you want to know more about the Repertoire, check the this link. You can also Contact Marco at marco.cirillo.music@gmail.com for any kind of info, availability and music.

Spanish Romance by Anonymous. Classical Guitar Player in London for Hire


Marco is a London based Guitarist with many years of Teaching and Performing Live Music in London and Uk. Book a Classical Guitarist for your Private party or Wedding and Enjoy a wonderful Music Experience.


I Don’t wanna Love Somebody Else. Classical Guitar Song for Function and Weddings

I Don’t wanna love Somebody Else is a song written by A Big new World and it’s a beautiful Ballad Song. I wrote this arrangement for Classical/Acoustic Guitar perfectly suitable for a Background, Wedding, Corporate Events, Private Party and Dinner Party. Check out this Video where I perform this Song. I hope you Enjoy it !!!

The Classical Guitar is the perfect instrument for Events like Functions and Private Party. You can choose from Classical/Spanish Guitar to Jazz/Pop Folk Music. The amazing thing about Marco Cirillo is that he will tailor the Event on your Request. Check out part of the Repertoire Marco usually Play. Click the link next to the song to Watch the Video.  Marco is available in London and Uk !!!

London Uk Classical Guitarist for Hire Marco Cirillo. Classical Spanish Pop Jazz Music



All of Me John Legend – Classical Guitar Song for Wedding and Function in London and Uk

Another Amazing song by John Legend called All of Me. This song quickly became a striking Love Song. I put down a Classical/Acoustic Guitar Arrangement. This song is part of my Repertoire. I usually play it quite a lot in Weddings but is certainly a Song suitable for any sort of Occasion. Check out the Video Performance.

By choosing a Classical Guitar for your Weddings, you will be able to add something really Special and Unique. The repertoire must be Tailored and perfectly Suitable for the Event. Love Songs and Background Music will create a Magic Atmosphere that only a Classical Guitar can do.